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Take to the heather with art:
an exchange among community arts 

What is it about?

Art, which originates from the feelings of living, should not be seen as an ornamental object in exhibition halls.

v-artivist has been dedicating ourselves to the mission of “Give art back to the people; Give the people back to art", and exploring ways to “Let the grassroots participate in art creation.".

After a long period of practice, we would like to invite friends with similar experiences for a chat.Through the communication with different community arts workers last year, we found a series of topics on which we can discuss with friends interested in community arts.

What makes it different from other art forums?

Time, Space, Number of Participants:
We hope this series of workshops and seminars can provide enough time and space for us to discuss on some common problems/confusions, or to find some conditions for more effective approaches. Therefore, space is limited – sign up early!

Exchange between the different sectors: arts workers/grassroots groups/neighbours:
Arts workers want to work on community arts. Meanwhile, as a part of empowerment, grassroots groups hope the grassroots can express themselves vividly. More communication between artists and civic and social organizations is needed to see how this goal can be achieved in the collaboration between the two sectors, under the current social conditions.
During the first round of workshops, certain invitations will be sent to different groups and neighbours interested in art. We hope the discussion can be stimulated by their responses.

Hope we can connect different communities and arts workers through these two rounds of discussion and spark off our imagination!
Coming session:

Round 3/ 3rd session:
Rock on Road Sketches
Size: 20 people (by registration)
Date and Time: Aug, 1, 2018, 1430-1830
Venue: Notice on Registration

Parents and children are always part of he community. Any community event must include parent-child activities. During We know some of our friends have been adding coloring books as part of these activities In addition to the integration of images and text, a storyteller’s voice is also needed because it is an essential element for expression in this art form.
What can this voice do besides just telling stories? What are the considerations involved in creating a community/community art event based on picture book? Is it possible to co-create picture books? Can we create connection, shared vision and strength between communities through picture books?

To answer these questions, we have invited our friends to share their experiences. From Hong Kong, we will have Kenny Or from Little Green Feet; from Taiwan, we will have the collaborative parties who work on the project “Go for a Ride with Mom", including artist Rachael Chen, organizers Liu Nien-yun and Lee Mei-chu from Taiwan Association for Victims of Occupational Injuries (TAVOI), to share their experiences, ideas and art practices with picture books and communities. Ms. Stella Tse, both a writer and a mother, will be joining us as a respondent in our search for the fun and practices with picture books.